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Right here on deviantArt too!

So, one of dA's exalted seniors, StarsColdNight, seems to be doing a great job of making fractals for stock imagery with Chaotica. She likes to charge about $15 for commercial use, and has a lot of :blahblah: about how you're supposed to Do the Right Thing and not violate her copyright, use it commercially without her authorisation, etc.

That's lovely, except she's using the free, non-commercial version of Chaotica.

A quick look through her dA gallery and website shows zillions of image packs and so on made using Chaotica, and lots of people thanking her for these great resources... faaantastic :roll:

[Edit: At least the matter has been resolved now...]

PS. Since I was asked how I could tell: they are very clearly (high quality) Chaotica renders, and they are all at basically exactly 1.23 megapixels - the resolution limit of the free noncommercial version that it auto-resizes to: (I also checked the sales records for anything relating to her name or company)
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As there seems to be some misunderstanding at the moment about Chaotica / GPL / Apophysis / etc, I should explain something simple and important.

The "variations" (called transforms in Chaotica) introduced by Scott Draves in his famous flam3 documents are mainly short equations, sometimes with a little selection logic, but generally stuff you can explain in a single sentence or equation.

There are some really complex transforms, and those are the ones I tend not to include natively, instead leaving it to the DLL interface. For the rest, they have to be re-implemented from scratch - in C++, and hopefully also optimised, since the people who wrote these plugins are often not experts in maths, programming, or both.

The flam3 co-author Erik Reckase helped re-code many of the transforms into Chaotica some years ago, and has seen that it's a from-scratch job with a completely different interface, many obvious algebraic simplifications, and later on came further deep/algorithmic optimisations for many or most of them.

That's all I can offer anyone who thinks I would just throw whatever C code I find into Chaotica (and that it would even fit in its generalised IFS), or that I can somehow put Delphi code in there without re-coding. LOL.


thomas ludwig
i'm a graphics programmer, aspiring artist, electronica fan, post-humanist and naturalist, player of go and appreciator of mathematics and algorithms.

i work on indigo renderer and chaotica at glare technologies in berlin, germany and previously contributed to lux render. i've also worked in the fields of gamedev, vfx coding, and design.

all the images in my gallery were rendered with various programs i've written over the years, without the use of direct3d / opengl / photoshop / etc unless mentioned.

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